My new guilty pleasure

I recently ordered an Italian hot dog pie from one of my favorite local pizzerias, Verona Pizza. I contemplated sampling this 18″ disc of ambrosia a few times, having heard of (but never having tried) Italian hot dogs from many a New Jerseyan, but always had one reason or another why I should go with a plain, sausage or mushroom pie instead.

I finally made the decision to order one after my curiosity got the better of me. I mean, how could you go wrong with hot dogs, peppers, onions, and potatoes smothered in gooey mozzarella cheese on a greasy slab of pure carbohydrates? Do me a favor and don’t answer that!

I have to admit I’m really glad that I did overcome whatever reservations I had because the pizza is incredibly delicious. My wife is not a fan of pizza (although she will eat a slice if you put it in front of her) but even she really likes this specialty pie, probably because it lacks the key ingredient to her pizza adversity – tomato sauce.

Of course, those of you who would catch on fire if you even considered consuming a slice without any pizza sauce in it can very easily just ask for some sauce on the side to apply as you wish. In fact, I tried just that to be able to compare which version I liked better and ultimately decided that I would rather have it the way Verona Pizza designed it.

I don’t really eat much pizza anymore since I’m trying to lose some weight (a goal whose futility I have yet to decide) but I’m positive that anytime I fall off that horse I will certainly be doing it with a delectable mash-up of hotdogs, potatoes and cheese in hand!


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